Institutional Fixed Income

The Fixed Income Sales and Trading Group provides institutional sales, trading and market-making expertise across the range of traditional fixed income asset classes, including: tax-exempt municipals, taxable municipals, high-yield municipals, investment grade (IG) corporates, high-yield corporates, mortgage-backed securities (MBS), agencies and U.S. Treasuries. We leverage all of the firm’s resources and capital to deliver optimal trade execution, strategy and liquidity for our clients.

Our sales team has a broad coverage universe of Tier 1 through Tier 3 institutional accounts, and all of our clients have access to the primary market as well as to credit and economic research from our credit strategy group, and our financial strategies group. We are:

  • A top 10 nationally ranked underwriter of municipal bonds and a top-ranked underwriter of corporate debt, agencies, and MBS, compared to non-lending bank peers
  • A team of over 50 professionals across seven trading desks. Our traders average 22 years of trading experience.
  • A market maker in the institutional fixed income markets, with a firm wide average daily inventory in excess of $150 million, we use our captial strategically.