Institutional Equities

The Institutional Equity Group is an experienced team of equity sales and trading professionals that puts clients first and produces value-added results. Our seasoned Equity team offers performance-enhancing products and services for agency only trade execution as well as distribution of underwritten equity offerings to institutions, pension funds, corporations, plan sponsors and money managers.

  • All trading is executed on our Financial Information Exchange (FIX)-compliant New York desk
  • Equity execution in listed, over-the-counter (OTC) and international markets
  • A suite of sophisticated and unique algorithm trading strategies
  • Program/basket trading
  • Team averages over 25 years of experience to handle orders on a manual basis

Corporate Share Repurchase

Ramirez is also well-versed in corporate share repurchase (CSR) transactions, having worked with Fortune 100 companies on at least 70 of such agreements with 141 million shares traded over the past five years. Every share repurchase is handled by a senior equity professional and makes use of our algorithmic trading group.


Fred Capozzi
Trading Team
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