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Taxable Fixed-Income

Ramirez & Co., Inc.’s Taxable Fixed-Income Sales and Trading Group offers our diverse institutional and high-net-worth retail client base access to new issues as well as secondary trading in corporate bonds, U.S. agency securities, $25-preferreds, asset-backed securities and convertible bonds.

Ramirez & Co., Inc. is an approved member of the selling group for the major U.S. Agencies. This membership includes:
  • Primary access to each agency’s discount note window.
  • Rotating participation in long-term (benchmark) transactions.
  • The ability to directly access the agencies with customer inquiries
Ramirez & Co., Inc.’s participation as a co-manager or underwriter in transactions generated by the firm’s Debt Capital Markets Group allows investors to gain access to the primary market.
  • Small to mid-sized institutional investors may be able to receive improved treatment in a transaction.
  • Large money managers are often able to “designate” Ramirez & Co., Inc. in order to fulfill obligations to ultimate beneficiaries.
  • High-net-worth clients gain access to products specifically designed for retail investors
Ramirez & Co., Inc.’s Taxable Fixed Income Sales and Trading desk is comprised of a team of client-focused professionals with extensive industry knowledge and an average of over 16 years experience in the industry.
  • Institutional account base consists of over 200 clients, encompassing large institutions, middle-market investors, municipalities and public pension systems.
  • Retail client base is made up of high-net-worth individuals with over $2 billion in asset management.
Primary Sales & Trading Contact Information:

Justin Kelly
(212) 248-3883

Aaron Brighenti
(212) 248-0527
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